Friday, September 3, 2010

Wife moved in

My wife just moved in with me, really excited, we are both looking for work. wish us luck. anyone have any advice for moving 10" long cat fish over an hour long drive?


  1. a really big cooler. have fun with that

  2. need:

    3 big black trash bags
    1 large tupperware container (10gal+)
    lid for tupperware container
    rope or cord or bungies
    truck (preferred, not necessary


    -put trash bag inside tupperware container, triple layer trashbags (to keep light out and stress down)
    -put water in tupperware/bag contraption
    -put fish in said contraption
    -put lid on container with bags hanging over sides (so the lid like holds the bag also)
    -tie down lid with rope or w/e so fish doesnt jump out
    -put whole thing in car/truck
    -secure in vehicle so it doesnt tip over
    -stop every 10-15 minutes and check on fishy

    really not to bad, i transported a 22" shovelnose catfish 45 miles with this method. wasnt to bad

  3. You need a cooler and a bunch of ice.